• From Masters/ Ph.D. Thesis to First Book


    If you have finished your Master's/ Ph.D. you are probably thinking of turning your dissertation into a book. Your Master's/ Ph.D. thesis usually becomes your first monograph and helps you to start building a reputation in the academic world.

    Turning your thesis into a publishable book will require some adjustments and adaptation of the content and style. Although there is no single rule that can guide you in the process of getting a publishable book out of your degree thesis, some elements usually distinguish a typical masters/doctoral thesis from a monograph.

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  • Need Help in Book Writing?


    We have a team of experts in nearly every field of sciences that provides cost-effective and time-saving alternatives in the following areas:

    1. Writing the manuscript either directly from data only or working on a preliminary draft of the manuscript.

    2. Referencing with well accepted published data as well as to the journal format.

    3. Figures and table are made using the advanced tools available in MS PowerPoint, MS word and MS excel to ensure the impact of quality research work done.

    4. We improve the overall clarity and organization of your manuscript.

    5. We provide professional academic editing and proofreading services for all fields of life sciences.

    Website: PSM Author Services 

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  • Call for reviewers


    PSM Editorial Office welcomes you to join us as a reviewer.


    Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of a book. Reviewers and editors determine which works are of quality and significance. Due to our extensive readership, the research and scholarship selected by our reviewers will ultimately have an impact on literacy in national and international classrooms.  Reviewers’ names will be listed in the printed books and on the PSM Book’s webpage.

    How to apply

    Please send your resume and cover letter to the following email:

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